Our Project Team and Minimum Viable Community

Our team brings together experienced entrepreneurs, designers, technologists, commercial strategists and industry experts


A private shuttle service for your daily home-to-work journeys, delivering a sustainable & stress-free new form of commute.

mydex platform

Trust, identity & data management — solved. Giving organisations and individuals the tools they need to interact over the web. It's safe, secure and cost-effective.

TravelSpirit Community

A dynamic and collaborative Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) global eco-system. 

TravelSpirit Foundation

Not-for-Profit providing an open framework to ensure that new integrated mobility services are universally accessible.

Si Ho {Ma Cantab MSc FRSA}

Founder of TSio Protocol, Chair of TravelSpirit Foundation

Eman Martin-Vignerte {BEng}

Bosch UK: Automotive Sector Advisory

Dele Atanda 

IBM iX: Aerospace Sector Advisory

Alex Burrows {LLM Law}

Alstom UK: Rail Sector Advisory

Sir Nic Cary {Bt FRSA}

TravelSpirit UK: Government Sector Advisory

Warwick Goodall {MEng}

Deloitte: Future Mobility Advisory

Justin Coetzee {MEng}

CEO of flx and Shared Mobility Advisory

David Alexander {FRSA, F.APS}

CEO of Mydex and Platform Architect Advisory

Dr Craig Parkin {PhD Cantab}

Cyber Security Advisory

Nathan King {BEng}

Market Strategy Advisory

Swayam Mittal

Blockchain Developer

Ignacio O'Mullony

Digital Designer

Pieter J. Fourie

Chair of TravelSpirit ASEAN (Singapore)

Giles Bailey {MEng FRSA}

CEO TravelSpirit Foundation

Beate Kubitz {MA Cantab}

COO, TravelSpirit Foundation


Rebecca Derbyshire {BASc}

Co-Founder of MyLoop

Amy Tewkesbury-Johnson

Co-Founder of MyLoop

Gary Morgan

UK Country Manager - GoMetro

Gary Hurlstone

Atkins - Chair of TravelSpirit Korea

In our whitepaper, we have identified a novel crowdfunding mechanism, the “Community Token Economy Sale”, as the ideal route for funding an open-source R&D programme for TSio Protocol development, centred around the TSio Community Token.

It is also a key enabler of an open interoperable ecosystem and means of pump priming a new model for value exchange.

We propose the starting point for our TSio Community Token Economy is the ‘MVC’, or ‘Minimum Viable Community’. This is the idea of having the participation of enough of the community in the CTE’s design and subsequent launch to make it meaningful; with MVC members providing the ‘MVPs’, or ‘Minimum Viable Products’ to enable regulated seed investment to be part of the funding mix.

The founding members of our MVC are TravelSpirit Foundation, GoMetro, Mydex and MyLoop. All parties culturally aligned with the vision for the Internet of Mobility, and have a common interest in the TSio Protocol.

For more information on our MVC please read our whitepaper.